Hawai’i : The Big Island

As I sit here and write this post I am still in awe that this compilation video is now complete and I can share with you a few (a  very small few) of my adventures in Hawai’i. I just couldn’t seem to … Continue reading

A New York Minute : Brandun Deshay

Great ambition is the passion of a great character. Irena Capris (@irenacapris) and I had the pleasure to meet and speak Producer/Rapper Chicagoan, Brandun Deshay (@brandunXdeshay), along with the guys down at the Ethik clothing store located in the Lower … Continue reading

Damier Doobies

Meet my bradda sir Damier Doobies. He is the livest sunny man you will ever meet haha. My best bro since high school, heres some dope flicks to feast your eyes on. That I took duhhhhh!! -Trtmnt-