So here we are, we established a name, we established our goals, and our reasoning behind this thing. We are the treatment aka The TRTMNT. Were really just here to simply have fun and share content with others in hopes that they love and appreciate our work as much as we do lol. One of our main goals while venturing off into this project is to create long term friendships with people who are interesting and have an interesting story to tell. Were all about meeting new people and establishing a vast network of individuals promoting positivity and creativity. We dont have a passion for videos or photography or design like most others who start up a blog or website. In reality our passion is to live a life worth living and having fun while were at it. And hey it just so happens that these are the things that make us happy haha yeaa. Well im not much of a writer so ill end on that note. Anybody besides me (Jay) or my counterpart the Puerto Rican Asian Rager (Lee) who reads this, I would like to say “Thank You” for being supportive and taking the time out of your precious day to read my little blurb.



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