Procrastination Be Gone

On April 17th 2012 Iv’e come to the realization that my procrastination habits have spilled over from my school life into my everyday life as well. I realized that I need to start taking way more pictures, and update the blog more often. I look at the blog everyday and think about the changes I want to make, but never make them! Whats up with that. I carry my camera almost all the time, but hardly take any pictures or shoot random videos. I did get a little discouraged when people started giving me the cold shoulder when I asked them to get their picture for my blog. But I cant let that stop me, I had to remind myself that its their lost not mine. Today I tried to talk to as many new people as possible. Im not trying to make myself look as if im desperate for new friends, so I had to approach people carefully. I just want to snap pictures of people doing what they love to do around NYC, and sights that I believe would look nice as a still. I snapped a couple pictures today and would love to share them.

I also had the chance to snap some photos of some skaters throughout the chelsea area.


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