The Treatment Goes Pro:

I finally purchased a go pro! Im pretty stoked. I attempt to sell these cameras to Europeans on a daily basis, but when they ask me if I have one my answer is always “no unfortunately not =(, but I plan to get one one of these days”. Well my friends no longer fret because that wonderful day has arrived, sooner rather than later. Luckily I am blessed enough to get 50% the cameras since I work at quiksilver, if this were not the case I wouldnt even have purchased one, let alone 2!! Im a part time working full time college student, money dont come easy roun’ here. I have a good explanation for buying two though, I plan to sell one and add the profits to my Hawaii funds. I originally planned to sell both cameras, which is still an option. But how awesome would it be to have this for my trip to Hawaii. I cant wait for both my trip and for these cameras to arrive so I can begin filming some ratchet stuff. And once that happens I will share with you my wild adventures I embark upon in Hilo.


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