In love with A Criminal: Pure Talent

These days I feel the word talent is being thrown around like aqueous filled water balloons on a hot summer day. The word has somewhat lost its true meaning. Talent isnt chopping a sample tossing it in your cracked version of logic, adding some Hi-Hats and drum kits, and making a hot beat that makes the streets rumble with the sounds of 808’s.Talentis being creative and using that creativity to making something unique for all to enjoy. Today I came across a video on vimeo that truly blew me away. A Californian artist by the name of Kawehi created a beat using nothing but her mic and hands, in less than a minute I might add, added some other aspects to her beat with a nice humming melody, and eventually sang a beautiful song over it.This is my first time witnessing someone create music in such an independent way. Not saying that it has never been done before, just saying this is my first time experiencing it. And it was quite entertaining I must say. I am so stoked on her style and work, that I plan to get an interview with Kawehi. Here is a link to her work, and her kick-starter. You guys should definitely give her music a chance, and if your generous enough please make a donation towards her creative endeavors.


Links To Vimeo:

Link To Kick-Starter to make a wonderfull donation:


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