Hawai’i : The Big Island

IMG_6010As I sit here and write this post I am still in awe that this compilation video is now complete and I can share with you a few (a  very small few) of my adventures in Hawai’i. I just couldn’t seem to make up my mind as to how I wanted to create this video, and just like a writer who struggles with periods of writers block, I went through a similar battle with my inner creative self trying to edit this video. Before I get to the video or I tell you about the amazing things I’ve done while on vacation I have to say that I havent gone through many life changing experiences during my 21 years living on this earth, but I must say that my trip to Hawaii during the summer of 2012 was most definitely one of them. This trip was in fact the first vacation I took that did not involve flying with family, flying to go see family, or being harassed constantly by family trying to check in on me wanting to know my every move. I went to Hawaii for 3 amazing weeks and loved every minute of it. I was blessed enough to meet an awesome person while working here in New York who opened my eyes to a world outside of the bubble I had been living in with much anguish. I now consider that person to be one of my dearest and most sincere friends. During my stay in Hawaii I experienced new things and met new amazing people. For starters I’ve always wanted to go kayaking, not only did I get to kayak for the first time, I did so in an ocean so beautiful that you could hardly identify where the horizon of the light blue sky ended and the vast divine ocean began. One of my most memorable experiences was camping out at pirates cove (I think thats the name), here is where I realized I have some of the worst set of outdoor handyman skills, I failed on many attempts to help set up the tent, and the only thing I could really do effectively was help find wood for the fire. But nonetheless I had a great time, I enjoyed cooking food on an open grill (composed of rocks, random grill plate we found, and wood we cut from trees) watching my friends jump off cliffs in to the ocean (Im still not at that level of adventure yet, one day) and snorkeling in the ocean while swimming amongst the fishes. I met a lot of new friends (Domi Dom, Cyarra my mixed sister, Scanlan the man whose good at everything, Bdoe by far the funniest person I met in hawaii, Jake (im pretty sure he was snoring when we camped out), James (dudes hair was more luxurious than mine) The list goes on and on, everyone just know that I enjoyed my time with you and this video is dedicated to all the good times we had. It doesn’t even come close to summing up all of our adventures, but this is what I got on camera lol. Can’t wait to go back! Hope you guys enjoy the Video.

-Ps go watch the video on vimeo so you can enjoy it in HD 🙂


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